Our Curriculum

Research has revealed the importance of the formative years, thus increasing the emphasis on early childhood education. Children's minds, bodies and spirits develop most rapidly and with extreme ease during this time. Their experiences significantly influences their overall development and attitudes. The effectiveness of a program plays a vital part in preparing a child for future success. The key to success is found in the realization that children are individuals that developing at their own pace and having distinct needs with varying learning styles and abilities. God, Jesus, the Bible, church, self, family, the natural world and others are the basis of our curriculum.

Our program focuses on the child by identifying individual needs and providing experiences and materials that promote healthy growth and development. Our program values the role of the teacher as a caregiver, a guide, a stimulate and a facilitator. We strive to give each child a strong foundation upon which to build prospering future. Finally, we encourage parental involvement because early childhood programs are not a substitute for the home, but rather an extension of it.

Infant to 22 Months.jpg

Infant - 22 months

PCA provides a loving and nurturing environment to care for your baby.  The teachers are attentive to the growth and development of each child.  PCA uses the curriculum Beyond Cribs and Rattles.  The curriculum helps children learn through play in an age-appropriate manner.  PCA teachers strive to maintain a trusting and lasting relationship with parents by encouraging beneficial communication, and ensuring both the child and parent's needs .

Two to Three Preschool.jpg

2 - 3 Years

PCA provides toddlers with the opportunity to learn and grow through play.  Our toddlers use the curriculum Beyond Centers and Circle Time. We incorporate our curriculum into all areas of our toddlers’ day.  PCA teachers work together with the parents to transition their children into a more structured day, assuring daily needs are met, and are reaching important milestones.

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4 years

PCA provides our VPK children with the opportunity to develop a love for learning.  Our Frog Street curriculum provides them with a structured and fun learning environment.  The curriculum helps children build confidence, independence, and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in Kindergarten .  Utilizing Frog Street gives PCA teachers the opportunity to complete  observations and assessments to ensure each child is reaching developmentally appropriate skills.  

All classes: 6:30 AM - 6 PM

Price includes: different typeS of activities, healthy snacks, BREAKFAST & LUNCH.